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Judy lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia she now has a studio at the Spring City Mill Studios, Spring City, PA. She has recently sold work to a major corporation and has won awards for outstanding drawing and painting. Her work has been accepted into the archives of the Pennsylvania of the Fine Arts. Her awards include “Lost Dreams on Canvas”, an award from the governor of Pennsylvania honoring children lost to street violence.

Artist's Statement: "The immediacy of line pulls me into combinations of drawing and painting. Natural form, color and movement inspire me in each piece. The process of painting involves wiping out lines and patterns of color...leaving the memory of line and tone... a dialogue begins and the painting is underway. The moment captured is the most important thing to me."  Judy Lupas


"Judy Lupas’ abstract paintings draw heavily on her relationship with nature. The colors she uses and the visceral handling of paint speak of her relationship with nature. The forms she discovers in her animal studies play out as knots of energy in the large paintings. Judy is an artist whose search is rooted in the intuitive. Like John Keats she believes in ‘the truth of the imagination and the integrity of the senses.’ Her works seek to connect us to the physical nature  of our lives and to celebrate the spirit that infuses this experience with energy and vitality.

Timothy Hawkesworth Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

"The painting and drawing of Judy Lupas seem to be a physical searching, a way of looking and digging out of personal truth. They are hands on and body centered and they are a record, or rather, a residue of a life lived. They are immediate and fresh-and at their best, clear and concise. They touch on the intimacy of life's moments, whether it is the death of a parent or a moment in the garden. They come fast and impatiently onto the canvas, calling the viewer present to the experience of being alive. They are the work of an artist who looks to nature as the source, for the clues and for the evidence. In this Judy Lupas returns us to possibility, to healing and regeneration. This is her stance and this is the gift to us."

   Timothy Hawkesworth   Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts    2007


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