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"The painting and drawing of Judy Lupas seem to be a physical searching, a way of looking and digging out of personal truth. They are hands on and body centered and they are a record, or rather, a residue of a life lived. They are immediate and fresh-and at their best, clear and concise. They touch on the intimacy of life's moments, whether it is the death of a parent or a moment in the garden. They come fast and impatiently onto the canvas, calling the viewer present to the experience of being alive. They are the work of an aritst who looks to nature as the source, for the clues and for the evidence. In this Judy Lupas reutrns us to possibility, to healing and regeneration. This is her stance and this is the gift to us."

   Timothy Hawkesworth   Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts    2007



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Judy is a professional artist whose roots are in abstract, intuitive and impressionist painting. She graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and has won many awards for outstanding drawing and painting. Her work can be seen in private collections and major corporations.